Holidays with kids

School is out. The holiday season officially begins!

For kids, this is a big YAY! They get to have fun and freedom outside the usual school routine. For us, parents? Well, it can be a tricky thing especially if you have to juggle time between work and home. With our kids in the house ALL the time due to COVID-19, we might run out of activities to keep them occupied, activities that won’t bore them out of their wits or be unhealthily glued to their gadgets. Here are some activities you can do with your kids during the holidays!

Arts and crafts. My daughter and I absolutely adore arts and crafts. We have this on-going project where we paint the seashells which we have collected throughout our travels around the world. After painting the shells, we would arrange them to look like a beautiful piece of art.

One thing that I love about arts and crafts is that there are so many resources online that you can check out for inspirations and ideas. The National Gallery of Singapore, for example, just launched a new page featuring activities which are suitable for children to do at home. These include fun and easy arts and craft activities. Available on mobile and on desktop, get your child appreciating art at such a young age on Small Big Dreamers at Home!

Mother and daughter bonding. Holidays give you the opportunity to share special bonding moments with your kids. As a working mum, I do understand the struggle of having to balance everything but I always make it a point that my daughter comes first. That‘s why I set aside time for what I call mother-and-daughter bonding activities. These activities include painting our nails, playing board games, cooking, baking, reading books, and watching movies. Not only are these activities super fun, but they also strengthen our mother-daughter bond. Bonding activities are always a WIN when it comes to nurturing relationships among family members. What better way to do this than during the school holidays!

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TV night. Holidays won’t be complete without TV night! What are you in the mood for? Something exciting? Something adventurous? Something magical? Something a bit scary? It would be best that you let your child pick the movie he or she wants. That way he/she has something to look forward to. Don’t forget your popcorn!

Science and History. Just because school is out, it doesn’t mean that our children should stop learning new things. Have a blast with Science and History! Yes, it’s always fun to learn historical facts about Singapore and fun Science tidbits if you know where to go. The best destinations for your family’s ‘Science and History Day’ are the Science Centre Singapore and the Singapore Discovery Centre. From breathtaking exhibits to fun arts and crafts to exciting and thoroughly engaging experiments, there are so many things to learn at such a short time where Science and History are concerned so let’s make the most of it! We just have to make sure that we know well ahead of time what their safety precautions and measures are so we can follow them.

Game night. My family adores game nights. I even wrote a full article about it on this space. Game nights are awesome for the entire family. It’s exciting, entertaining, and educational, too! From learning how to manage resources (Monopoly, anyone?) to improving their vocabulary (Did anyone say, Scrabble?), game night is a super fun parent-child bonding activity that can be a teaching moment, too.

Indoor camping. Since it is not yet safe for your kids to be out and about, this activity will need creativity and a whole lot of imagination! Turn your child’s room into an indoor camp complete with a makeshift tent, makebelieve bonfire, and yummy hotdogs and marshmallows. You can do a lot of things – sing songs, do theatre, play fun games, tell scary stories – the works! Who says you can’t go camping if you’re not outdoors? Here’s proof that we all can.

Don’t fret, fellow parents! There are a million and one things you can do during the school holidays for your whole family to enjoy. With creativity, optimism, and, yes, patience, this is going to be one of the best holiday seasons yet!

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